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The Right Way to Brisket

The Right Way to Brisket


Honest Beef - How to smoke a perfect Brisket

...there are many 'right' ways to prepare a brisket. We just thought this one looked pretty darn great.

If you're reading this, chances are you'll enjoy getting pulled down the gorgeous grilling hole that is Tim Shelburn's Instagram account. This man's enthusiasm for all things grilled is evident in his nightly escapades on his Big Green Egg. Every detail but the Pavlovian smell comes through in his photography, and he leaves women and men alike wishing they lived under his roof - he's married to one lucky lady and has an adorable daughter who eat very well. 

Last weekend, Tim's Saturday was dedicated to hosting friends and smoking an Honest Beef Brisket, and we couldn't wait to extract every detail about the process. Folks, here you go! 

Tim thawed this 5lb beauty out for two full days prior to the big smoke. 

"Getting ready to season this 5lb @honestbeef brisket flat for tomorrow's cook. I don't even have to trim it!..."

Honest Beef Brisket Thawing

Seasoned generously with a Meat Church rub the night before.

Seasoned Honest Beef Brisket

Tim's grill-of-choice is a Big Green Egg. We have so much confidence in Tim's skills, we're pretty sure he could have also done this over a Bunsen burner and accomplished similar results.  

On Saturday morning, Tim added a small hickory log to his smoking equipment, and the festivities commenced around 8:45am. 

Hickory Log

Tim's brisket game was strong at 8:45am on a Saturday morning.

Honest Beef Brisket on Tim's BGE

Tim kept the grill temp at 250 - 275°F, using hickory and oak smoke until the brisket's internal temperature reached 202°F.

Honest Beef Brisket on the BGE

It took about 11 hours to reach a 202°F internal temperature, so right around 7:45pm, Tim wrapped it in foil and moved it from the grill grates to his cooler, where it sat for 70 minutes.

12 hours and 10 minutes after he started, Tim unveiled a work of art for his dinner guests to devour: 

"This @honestbeef brisket flat was super tender and packed with flavor! So, so good."

Honest Beef Brisket

 Need we say more? Now, take yourself over to our Brisket Share, and light your Bunsen burner. It'll be on it's way shortly. 

Special thanks to Tim for his help with this post!


Honest Beef Perfect Brisket

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