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Don't forget to try our famous ground beef!
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Don't forget to try our famous ground beef!
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Osso Bucco Share

8.5 lb
$ 138.00

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Who can say no to tender, braised meat in a rich sauce flavored with wine and vegetables, not to mention that ultra-flavorful and tender marrow inside a shank?Check out this recipe for Beef Shank Osso Buco...you won't believe it. Add to it 2lbs of our Traditional 2" Dry-Aged Short Ribs and 5lbs of our famous Single-Animal, Dry-Aged Ground Beef.

4, 1.5 lb Shank Steaks (with marrow)

2lbs Dry-Aged, Traditional Cut 2" Short Ribs

5lbs Single-Animal, Dry-Aged Ground Beef

Don't forget to visit our Á La Carte page to include extra of your favorite cuts - and maybe even a few more adventurous ones - with your order!