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We Sell (and ship!) Half and Whole Beef!

Connealy Angus Whole and Half Beef


If you're looking to stock your freezer with premium, purebred Angus, traceable beef - look no further. 

We just completed a successful endeavor with a dear customer of ours who wanted us to ship him an entire beef. At first we could barely fathom the number of shipments this would take and how exactly it would all work, but thanks to his patience and a little shipping ingenuity, it worked like a charm and only took 12 total boxes for an entire beef.

Here's how it works: 

  1. After you indicate your interest in a half or a whole beef we'll give you a timeframe around when our next beef will be ready. You'll get to choose the beef you want based on ultrasound data. 
  2. We'll work with you to write your very own cut instructions, indicating exactly the cuts you would like, how thick you want your steaks, how your ground beef will be packaged, etc. 
  3. After your beef is harvested and packaged, you're welcome to pick it up from our processor if you're in or near Nebraska, or we will ship at cost. 

Half Beef in Freezer

What does it cost?

$3.00/lb on the hanging weight, which is the weight of the animal as it hangs on the rail. Typically, a beef will yield around 62% of its live weight into hanging weight, and then will yield another 60-62% of the hanging weight into packaged beef. 

An example: A 1,200lb animal will having a hanging weight of 720lbs. Of that 720lbs, about 430-450lb will be packaged beef. 

You will also be responsible for processing and shipping costs. Depending on your cut instructions, processing can range from $700-1,000/beef. Shipping costs will depend on where you live, and we are happy to provide a quote. 

Reach out to Hannah@connealymeat.com or fill out the form below to indicate your interest!