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Don't forget to try our famous ground beef!
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Don't forget to try our famous ground beef!
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All naturally-grown food has a genetic pedigree.

However, our current food system doesn't generally allow for a high enough level of transparency to pass this information along. At Honest Beef, we are both proud and excited to be able to show you the pedigree of your beef, which speaks to the attention to detail paid by both our ranchers as well as our butchers. 

Your Beef's Pedigree

To find the pedigree of each of your beef cuts, find the number in the upper left hand side of the product label, and click on the link next to it below: 

Current Lots: 


47: Tag #3328 Click here to view pedigree

48: Tag #3353 Click here to view pedigree

49: Tattoo 757K

50: Tattoo 711K 

51: Tattoo 762K

52: Tattoo 729Y

53: Tattoo 749K


Ultrasound for 9749

 To learn more why we ultrasound cattle and how to read these numbers, check out our blog post! Click here. 

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