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Don't forget to try our famous ground beef!
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Don't forget to try our famous ground beef!
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Honest Beef FAQs

What does "Nose-to-Tail" Mean?

Out of respect for the animals, Honest Beef supports the consumption of the whole beast. We work hard to find a home for every part, eliminating as much waste as we possibly can. The variety meats are known to be jam-packed with nutrients, and are tasty to boot! Check out our Pinterest page for recipe ideas!

Is Honest Beef grass-fed?

All beef is grass-fed! Honest Beef cattle, like most cattle, spend the large majority of their lives grazing on Nebraska grassland, and then get to live the life of luxury on grain for about three months. We strongly believe in this system for a couple of main reasons:
  1. According to a number of comprehensive studies, including this one, the grain-finishing system leaves a smaller carbon footprint and uses less water per pound of beef than 100% grass-finishing
  2.  Grain-finishing allows our cattle to deposit marbling, the intra-muscular fat that makes beef taste so good.
  3. Despite what you may read, the difference in health benefits between grain-finished and grass-finished beef is insignificant. For example, 3 oz. of grain-finished beef has 39mg of Omega-3s, 3 oz. of grass-finished has 52mg, and 3 oz. of salmon has 1,830mg. Beef is not a great source of Omega-3s in general, and the 13mg difference is not worth the extra environmental resources, in our opinion. 
However, we take this matter very seriously, and know that it can be a polarizing topic in many arenas. The most important thing for us is that there is discussion! Please, do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions about our conscious decision to grain-finish, we are always here to visit! 

How will my beef be shipped?

All orders are shipped frozen and vacuum sealed in a 100% recyclable shipping container (made in our own Nebraska out of recycled blue jeans!) with enough dry ice to last to the destination point. 

What about hormones?

For now, Honest Beef believe that the environmental advantages to using a small amount of hormones outweighs any potential negatives. Even still, one 8oz Honest Beef steak contains about 3.5 nanograms of estrogren. Compare that to 1,000 ng in a head of cabbage, or 87,500 ng in a typical birth control pill.

Are antibiotics used to prevent suffering?

High-quality and preventative management practices keep illness on Connealy Angus Ranch to only about 1% of cattle. However, the Connealys firmly believe in not letting animals suffer. In the rare occurrence that an animal becomes sick, antibiotics are administered to keep the animal from suffering. Before these animals are sent to the butcher, they must be antibiotic-free for at least 30 days prior. Connealy beef is never sent to butcher with antibiotics in its system.