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Connealy Newsroom

Herd about us in the news?

Our family is incredibly grateful for the opportunities put in front of us to promote the Angus breed and the cattle business. 


Angus Heritage Foundation Inductees

Jerry and Sharon Connealys are honored to be inductees to the Angus Heritage Foundation. Read more about their lifelong dedication to the betterment of the beef industry is being celebrated. 

Connealy attends 2023 Young Cattlemen's Conference

Gabriel Connealy, chosen by the Angus Foundation, represented the Angus breed at the 2023 National Cattlemen's Beef Association's Young Cattlemen's Conference. Read more about his time out in D.C. and what he learned.

American Angus Association Board of Directors President

Jerry Connealy was humbled to serve as the American Angus Board of Directors President from 2021-2022. Read more about his perspective shaped by his presidency and over 8 years on the board. 

Beef Industry Panel on Future Challenges and Opportunities

Jerry Connealy, during the 2022 Angus Convention, shared his praise for producers and his steadfastness to continuing to better the breed. Read more about his remarks and the panel. 

UNL-Animal Science Distinguished Alumni

Jerry Connealy has always been a proud Husker who loved his time at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Read more about his commitment to growing the Connealy brand helped him become a distinguished alumni. 

Connealy Helps CAB Wheels Rolling

Jerry Connealy, as chairman of the Certified Angus Beef LLC Board of Directors, brings with him lots of experiences and passion for our industry. Read more about how his 'forward-looking leadership' helped grow the brand.