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Connealy Angus Ranch

Connealy Angus Ranch

Located in the beautiful Sandhills of Nebraska, Connealy Angus has been raising purebred Angus cattle for over 60 years. 

The Connealy Family is grateful to be stewards of our environment, and we take great care of our most valuable resources: the grass, the land, the water, and the native creatures that call these places home. 

Our animal husbandry practices include rotational grazing, fence-line weaning, low-stress handling and judicious use of antibiotics - only when our animals are in need of treatment to prevent suffering and death. 

Connealy Angus is a seedstock Angus operation, which means that we provide genetics for beef producers from across the country and even the world.  We hold two auctions a year where we sell a total of about 900 Angus bulls.

To learn more, please visit our ranch site! www.connealyangus.com

Connealy Angus Wildlife Connealy Angus Wildlife 

Connealy Angus Wildlife - Prairie Chicken

Connealy Angus Wildlife - Swans