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Don't forget to try our famous ground beef!
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Don't forget to try our famous ground beef!
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About Rural Poverty

Honest Beef Food Insecurity

This pivotal report from the CFRA concluded that rural counties in the Midwest and Great Plains are experiencing a higher incidence of poverty and food insecurity, especially among children, than urban centers in the region. These findings have challenged the conventional thought and policy debates which often conclude, directly or implicitly, that poverty and food insecurity were primarily urban issues. 

Child Poverty Rates - USDA ERS

About Honest Beef Bounty

Honest Beef Bounty strives to provide high-quality protein to those affected by rural poverty in our home state of Nebraska.

Through our giving partner, Catholic Social Services of Southern Nebraska, Honest Beef Bounty donates one serving of our premium ground beef to a rural family in need for every beef share purchased.