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Super Bowl Burgers

Super Bowl Burgers

This recipe was originally shared by Kenny Polcari on the bottom end of his financial blog "Morning Thoughts."

We included the meat of the article below. 


Super Bowl Burgers

These are crazy good.....they are a bit of work - but if you have the time and you really want to impress - go for it. 

Refer back to the Short Rib recipe I gave you on January 26th.  (here) .. Make 1/2 dozen ribs - the night before......cool and then shred the meat off of the bone....Now  when ready....bring the shredded meat to room temp and then  mix the cooked short rib meat with the ground chuck (now use real ground chuck - not lean hamburger meat...you want it to have the fat for flavor [FYI: Honest Beef Ground beef is 80% lean....it's got the fat :) ] season with s&p and form the burgers.  Light the grill and let it get nice and hot and cook.  Top with sautéed onions and Monterey jack to complete this burger.

While this is cooking - butter the Brioche buns and toast either on the grill or in a frying pan......Then place the cooked burger on your bun - with fresh lettuce and the sautéed onions.  Mayo and Ketchup on the side.  Outstanding.   
Buon Appetito.

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